Saturday, October 11, 2008

Name Contest Winner

You know what? Sometimes I really suck at time management! LOL! Back on September 22nd I started a contest to help me name a soap. I had information both here on my blog, as well a thread on Etsy.

I have had the name picked out for a while now, but I wanted to get a photograph of the soap before I blogged about the winner.

Urbbody suggested Grinch Stole my Fragrance and immediately told me she was joking. But you know what? I TOTALLY fell in love with the name! I dug through some photos to see if I could find something that worked with it, and I did!

Urbbody, I'll be contacting you privately about sending you these two bars of soap! And I wanted to thank everyone for all the help they've given me! There were so many awesome names in that thread, but this one just tugged at my humor, and I fell in love with it! Thank you so much!!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Holiday Goodness! Handmade Soaps

Our Holiday Soaps are finally arriving in our Etsy Shop! They're off the curing racks, photos are being taken, and they look and smell absolutely amazing!!!

Spiced Cider Handmade Soap

Rich Juicy Apples blended with Sweet Spices, like cinnamon and clove! Makes you want to curl up with a mug of Hot Spiced Apple Cider!

Perfect for Autumn and Winter, a great option for a gift, or simply indulge in this amazing bar for yourself! I know I definitely will!

Available in our Etsy Shop

I have always loved Gingerbread Cookies, and these bars smell so good that it's hard not to take just a big bite out of them!!!

This bar FLEW out of our shop so fast last year, make sure you stock up on this one early! This is one you will absolutely love! Perfect for gift giving!!!

Available in our Etsy Shop


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