About Us

What started as a skin care necessity quickly became a passion and a mission. We have been creating quality skin care products and luxury handmade soaps since 2003.

Meet the Body Language Crew:

► Lindsay - Master Formulator
► David - Technical Master & God
► Ashley - Shipping Manager (and Lipstick Model!)
► Aeddon - Soap Packaging Manager
► Tanner - Label Manager
► Ashton - Bottling Manager

(before anyone turns me in for running a sweat shop, LOL, I'm Lindsay, my husband is David. Aeddon, Tanner & Ashton are our 3 boys, who love to help Mom with her business. Aeddon loves to help me wrap my soaps & get them ready to ship. Tanner loves to help me cut labels. And Ashton literally gets mad at me if I put my own lids on my bottles & jars, so that is HIS job! LOL! And Ashley is a good friend who helps out when we get busy, and usually helps me with shipping out orders so I can be making stuff)

David & Lindsay
Body Language Skin Essentials
            ... Speak Louder than Words


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