Sunday, October 26, 2008

500 Sales on Etsy!

500 Sales on Etsy!
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After one year and one week on Etsy, I passed this wonderful milestone!!!

We've had such a great year. We've made some great friends, joined wonderful teams, had some rough bumps, learned a lot of new things, and have grown so much. It's been an awesome ride!

And I'm just thrilled that I get to spend so much of it with such wonderful people! Thanks for making this such a great year! And here's to hoping the next year is even better!!!


Abbey Lane Baby Boutique said...

Congrats! A job well done and I wish you all the success moving forward! Your products are lovely to the eye, nose and skin ;)

Bath Artisan Soaps said...

Congratulations! Cheers to you!

Wishing you much (more) sucess!
Bath Artisan Soaps

She-ality said...

Hearty Congrats!!!! So happy for you. Wishing you much more success in the future! :)

Coloresse from Twitter

Becca said...

Congrats! That's an incredible milestone - can't wait to post on your 1000th sale - onward & upward!


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