Monday, July 04, 2011

Get the Look: Sunset Fire

Our SUNSET FIRE Mineral Eye Shadow Collection is a warm blend of golds and pinks with a metallic finish. You get three full sized mineral eye shadows with this collection.

Included in this Collection:

AZTEC GOLD Mineral Eye Shadow (vibrant gold with chocolate undertones)
EOS Mineral Eye Shadow (metallic golden pink - not vegan)
CHAMPAGNE Mineral Eye Shadow (delicate light golden highlighter)

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Shadow Boost Eye Shadow Primer was first applied over the entire lid.

AZTEC GOLD was applied in the outer corner & along the crease with our Fluffy Crease Brush. Then we smudged along the lower lash line and darkened up the color in the corner with our Oval Smudger Brush.

EOS was applied with our Oval Smudger Brush to the inner corner and over the main lid. Then lightly smudged along the lower lash line along the inner corner, then carefully applied to the lower waterline. 

CHAMPAGNE was applied along the upper brow bone, and around the tear duct with our Oval Smudger Brush.

With a clean Fluffy Crease Brush we made sure the look was well blended. Then we finished off with our favorite mascara.


Pili said...

Since I already have Aztec Gold, I really need to get me Eos & Champagne to try this look, I really love it!

Body Language Skin Essentials said...

It's also awesome with Demeter in place of the Aztec Gold. I did that yesterday for our Family Party/Impromptu Family Reunion.

And you'll find yourself constantly grabbing Champagne once you try it! It is my absolute favorite highlighter now! I actually have to force myself to use other colors when I'm doing GTLs! LOL!


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