Sunday, July 17, 2011

Makeup Tutorial: Star Gazing

Today's Mineral Makeup Tutorial is a soft delicate mauve/plum look that can easily be worn either day or night.

STEP 1: Apply SHADOW BOOST Eye Shadow Primer over the entire eyelid.

(Step 2)

STEP 2: Using our Fluffy Crease Brush, apply Galaxia Mineral Eye Shadow along the crease and then form a "V" at the outer corner. Don't worry too much about fall out. You can clean that up at the end.

(Step 3)

STEP 3: Apply Dreamy Mineral Eye Shadow across the main lid with our Smudger Brush. And also lightly smudge along the inner lower lash line.

(Step 4)

STEP 4: With a Smudger Brush, gently smudge Galaxia Mineral Eye Shadow along the lower outer lash line. You can also darken up the corner slightly if you want a darker look. 

STEP 5: Blend lightly, touch up any color if needed. Then finish off with your favorite mascara!

(Finished Look)



Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

great tip. I so don't know how to put on make up so good pictures like this sure help girls like me :)

Pili said...

Another great look, I love your tutorials!


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