Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Master The Look: Smoked Peaches

I don't know about you guys, but it's starting to get hotter and hotter around here (I love spring, and it's definitely starting to feel like summer already!), so I wanted to create a look this week featuring our HEAT WAVE Mineral Eye Shadow. Heat Wave is a gorgeous peach with a metallic shimmery finish. It looks wonderful with warm skin tones, and blends so well with so many colors (I actually did two looks with it this week, so you may be getting another post about this gorgeous color soon!)

Step by Step Photo Tutorial

I didn't use our Shadow Boost Eye Shadow Primer at all while creating the tutorial for this look. When doing step by step photos, and having such large gaps of time between the application of the primer before applying the eye shadow, well, it can make application a pain. Using our Shadow Boost Eye Shadow Primer will help prevent fading & creasing throughout the day (an essential for me and my oily lids!!!), and will also boost your colors a little more. 

To start it off, apply CHARCOAL Mineral Eye Shadow lightly along the crease line with our Fluffy Crease Brush. I wanted this to be a very light look, so I applied it very very lightly. If you want a darker bolder look, you can easily take this up a notch by darkening things up with the Charcoal & Hades shadows.

HEAT WAVE Mineral Eye Shadow is then applied across the main lid with our Smudger Brush, as well as along the lower lash line.

We then applied HADES Mineral Eye Shadow along the outer lower lash line & along the upper lash line, and lightly winged it out at the corner. (applied with our Angled Liner Brush)

We finished up the look by dusting CHAMPAGNE Mineral Eye Shadow across the brow bone, and at the inner corner and around the tear duct.

Touch up any areas as needed (we brightened up with a fresh spot of Heat Wave in the center of the lid, along with a little touching up of Heat Wave along the lower lash line (we winged it out underneath the line of Hades)), and blend with a clean brush, then apply your favorite mascara!


Erica said...

Cool tutorial. I love the smokey peach look.

Pili said...

Super cool look! I can't wait to try it!

Penguinfly.Designs said...

Are you going to sell a 'collection' for this? :)

Body Language Skin Essentials said...

I hadn't decided if I was going to put an official collection together for this or not. I definitely could though, if the interest is there!


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