Thursday, May 31, 2012

Master the Look Tutorial: Strawberry Lemonade (UPDATED)

I wanted to play up our original version of our Strawberry Lemonade Eye Shadow Look. This is a fun playful eye shadow look that is perfect for summer! Vibrant yellows blend with pink and hint of purple.

Step by Step Photo Tutorial

First I started off with Persephone Eye Shadow. I dampened my eye liner brush a little, then wet the powder to make a paste. Then used that to wet line my eye liner.

Then I applied Daffodil Eye Shadow across the main lid.

Then I applied Eos Eye Shadow in the crease.

Then I added Lady Slipper Eye Shadow in the lower part of the crease line & outer corner as well to add a little depth.

Then I used Buttercream Eye Shadow as a highlighter, lightly dusting it across the brow bone, and around the tear duct.

To wrap it up, blend with a clean brush, and make any touch ups you might need (I touched up the Daffodil just a bit, to keep that bright pop of color). Then finish with your favorite mascara.

I didn't use our Shadow Boost Eye Shadow Primer at all while creating the tutorial for this look. When doing step by step photos, and having such large gaps of time between the application of the primer before applying the eye shadow, well, it can make application a pain. Using our Shadow Boost Eye Shadow Primer will help prevent fading & creasing throughout the day (an essential for me and my oily lids!!!), and will also boost your colors a little more. 

I hope you enjoyed this!!!

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Pili said...

I love this look! So summery and cheery!


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