Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Time to Come Clean!

Have you taken the time to come clean lately? I mean REALLY clean! Our new line of facial masks are designed to help deep clean your pores, leaving you squeaky clean and fresh faced!

Our new line of facial masks are what are called "Dry Face Masks". What does this mean exactly? To start with, exactly how it sounds! The mask arrives completely dry. There are no liquids in these masks. By not adding any liquids we've done two things. 1. We've eliminated the need for a synthetic preservative. These products are 100% natural. And 2. You get to customize the mask to fit your skin perfectly by changing the liquid you add to use your mask!

What mask should I get?

Normal or Combination Skin: Pomegranate Power Mask, Triple Comfort Mask

Oily or Acne Prone Skin: Zebra Face Charcoal Mask, Parisian Glow Mask

Sensitive or Dry Skin: Soothing Lavender Mask, Milk 'n' Honey Mask (coming soon)

What a few of our customers have had to say so far:

  • Soothing Lavender: "WONDERFUL! Very refreshing for my sensitive skin!"
  • Triple Comfort: "I absolutely love this mask! I love the smell of it as you open the jar, and wow, I so noticed a really visible improvement on the look of my pores! This definitely a must have!"
  • Zebra Face: "I really feel like this cleaned out my pores - thanks!"
  • Parisian Glow: "I'm so impressed with this mask! My face does literally glow!! Really perfect mask to use before a big day when you want to look radiant! Lindsay, I've become a huge fan of your masks! Another must have!"

You can find these wonderful new masks on our Website or in our Etsy Shop.

1 comment:

Pili said...

I'm a big, no, a HUGE fan of your masks! Now I still have to try the Pomegranate one, but if it's as good as the Parisian Glow and the Triple Comfort, I'm gonna love it!

And I am already waiting for you to release the Milk & Honey mask to try it, cause it sounds good!


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