Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Temptress Reborn

Temptress has always been a classic in our scent line. The haunting Amber & Vanilla blend has been popular, but I admit, I've seen more than a few raised eyebrows over our label for them. Doesn't help that I live in Utah, and they tend to like things a little.... tamer... around here.

I also never felt the soap colors truly fit the name either. So we're taking this opportunity to breathe some new life into this wonderful scent! We'll relaunch the scent line with the new labels when the soap comes off the curing rack (end of July).

I hope you enjoyed these sneak peaks at the new soap!!!

Stay tuned for more updates & the new Temptress relaunch date!!!

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Pili said...

I love the look of the new soap!!
And I'm on that loves the Temptress scent a lot! And I don't have a problem with the label ;)

Body Language Soaps said...

You'll still like the new label, I promise! It's still hot & sexy, just not so 'in your face' with a nekkid woman!

Miss Narco said...

That looks so beautiful! And the smell sounds enticing, too...


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