Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Get FREE Mineral Makeup!

We are looking for models for our Mineral Makeup line, and if you fit what we are looking for, you could earn FREE Mineral Makeup!

What we need from you to get things started:

1. Photos of you WITH makeup on. It doesn't need to be our makeup, but this is to see if your photo quality is what we need, your style fits what we are looking for, etc. Photos need to be crisp & in focus. Lighting needs to show the true color of the makeup worn. If you are taking photos of eye shadow, the photo can be cropped down to just the eye(s). And please feel free to show off your application skills with any eye shadow shots!

2. Information on your skin tone (warm, cool, neutral, etc) & type (oily, dry, combo), and if you have known allergies, or ingredient restrictions (for example, let us know if you are vegan).

3. A list of which type of products you are interested in modeling (eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, bronzer, blush, etc).

This can all be sent to lindsay [at] Please keep in mind that not everyone will be accepted, so if we choose not to go with you, it's nothing personal. If you are accepted, you will be sent more details regarding the process. Thanks again & please feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested!!!


Pili said...

Such a cool chance! I'll share this with friends! I'm not too keen on being in front of the camera to do take pics of myself with make up, so I'm not entering, but I know some ladies with good skills!


I am totally going to try and do this!

Ceorl said...

Ah, well, this post is over a month old and I haven't got an actual camera. Suppose I'll stick with the swatch aggregation...

Body Language Skin Essentials said...


This is an ongoing offer. So once you get your camera, if you want to try this out, please don't hesitate to come and join us in it! We are planning on continually releasing new colors, so we are always looking for new people who are willing to photograph new stuff for us!!!


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