Sunday, June 19, 2011

Get the Look: Mermaid

Our Mermaid Eye Shadow Trio is a bold & playful look that is softly shimmery. With a gorgeous blend of bright ocean blue & gorgeous greens, and topped off with delicate glittery sparkles, this is a look that is always fun!

Modeled Photos are shown applied over Primer.

Included in this Collection:

MAIA Mineral Eye Shadow
THEIA Mineral Eye Shadow
ASTERIA Mineral Eye Shadow

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PRIMER was first applied over the entire lid.

THEIA Mineral Eye Shadow was applied at the inner corner & in the center of the eye lid.

MAIA Mineral Eye Shadow was applied in the outer corner & along the crease with a soft bristled crease brush. Using a detail brush, we also smudged along the lower lash line and darkened up the color in the corner. 

ASTERIA Mineral Eye Shadow was applied along the upper brow bone, around the tear duct, and underneath the lower lash line. (we lightly applied a little more primer with a clean brush to help the glitter in this eye shadow really stick & pop out).

1 comment:

Pili said...

Such a cool and very summery look!! Love the convo of colours!


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