Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Quick Note on Some Small Changes

Hey guys, I just wanted to drop a quick note on some changes that have either just happening, or will be soon.

We have changed suppliers for our 20 gram mineral makeup jars (foundations, blushes, veils). They are slightly smaller than the ones from the previous supplier. All listings are being updated with the new weights. Prices have already been changed (lowered) to reflect the difference.

Ironically, the eye shadow jars are slightly LARGER. We will be making a few small changes in listings, but the prices are staying the same on those for now.

In case you haven't noticed yet, we are selling the smaller 3 gram Eye Shadow jars individually instead of just in sampler sets. The 3 gram jars are filled by weight & volume. I know, that sounds a little weird. The jars simply can't all hold the same weight. If we did it by weight only, some would be filled to the brim, and others would look practically empty. The ingredients that go into the mineral makeup all weight differently. Which is why our eye shadows all have different weights listed. It's not as simple as saying a 10 gram jar holds 2 grams worth of product. Our 10 gram jars hold anywhere from 1.2 grams to almost 3 grams of eye shadow.

Anyway.... LOL.... I got side tracked a little....

At the moment, the MINI 3 gram jars are $3.50 each, and only in our Etsy Shop. We are hoping to add them to our website at some point. You know, in all my free time (hahahahaha)!

Quick 'warning'.... during the summer months, we CANNOT promise our lip balms, lipsticks and sugar scrubs will arrive without melting damage. The scrubs become more fluid and sometimes will leak, despite the foam liners. We pack them in individual bags to limit any 'damage' to other products. Lip Balms & Lipsticks may melt up into the caps. Some tips. If they're still fluid when you open the box, put them upright in your refrigerator until they've completely cooled. It shouldn't take long. If they're no longer fluid, but completely stuck up in the cap, go stick it upright in the cup holder in your car. By the end of the afternoon, chances are it will have remelted back into the tube. LOL! But after that, DO NOT KEEP THEM IN YOUR CAR! LOL! You can clean out the lids with q-tips.

I know this is kind of a boring blog post. It happens.

Have fun guys!!!



Pili said...

Well, it might not be as cool as the tutorials you've been posting, but it's got important info and some good tips, I would have never thought about the car cup holder tip!

Body Language Skin Essentials said...

When I first started the business, we were living in Arizona. SUPER HOT SUMMERS!!!! I'd often use my car to test products against heat damage. The insides would easily get 140+ F most days in the summer. I much prefer living in Utah. They actually have seasons here! LOL!


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