Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Get the Look: Strut (Peacock Inspired)

Our STRUT Eye Shadow Collection is was inspired by the gorgeous colors found in a peacock's plumage. Stunning teals, blues & greens, and bursts of vibrant gold! 

Included in this Collection:

HERA Mineral Eye Shadow (teal blue shimmer)
THEIA Mineral Eye Shadow (vibrant blue shimmer)
MAIA Mineral Eye Shadow (spring green shimmer)
POT O GOLD Mineral Eye Shadow (metallic gold)

✥ ✥ ✥ GET THIS LOOK ✥ ✥ ✥ 

Apply SHADOW BOOST Eye Shadow Primer over the entire lid.

Apply HERA over the entire lid area and carefully along the lower waterline with our Oval Smudger Brush. Then lightly smudge along the lower lash line.

Apply THEIA to the outer corner & lightly along the crease line with our Fluffy Crease Brush. Softly blend out the crease line with a clean brush.

With our Angled Liner Brush, apply MAIA (we foiled for a bolder color) along the upper lash line, and along the outer 3rd of the lower lash line as an eyeliner. Since we were going for a bold look, we added the heavily winged out liner at the outer corner.
Then apply POT O GOLD to the inner corner and around the tear duct, and lightly smudge along the inner lower lash line. We also added a bold streak of gold along the outer corner. To get the bold line, we applied a fresh line of primer with a narrow brush, then dabbed the eye shadow along the line so it would only stick to the line of primer. We used our Oval Smudger Brush.

Then finish off with your favorite mascara.

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