Sunday, July 10, 2011

Makeup Tutorial: Super Easy Smokey Brown Eye Shadow

Makeup Tutorial: Super Easy Smokey Brown Eye Shadow

This is a super easy look to recreate, and the techniques used can be applied with pretty much any color combo you can think of. 

In this look, we used two colors to create a very simple, but still super sexy smokey eye look.

STEP 1: Apply SHADOW BOOST Eye Shadow Primer over the entire lid.

STEP 2: Apply HADES Eye Shadow along the upper & lower lash lines. It doesn't need to be neat or pretty, but you do want it to be a fairly thick line, and heavily pigmented. Because of the dark shadows used in this look, you will have a little bit of powder fall out, so you probably will want to do your eye makeup FIRST, then do the rest of your makeup after.

(step 2)

STEP 3: Apply MOCHA Eye Shadow into the crease line and across the main lid. Then smudge a little along the outer lower lash line. 

(step 3)

STEP 4: Apply MOCHA Eye Shadow along the lower waterline. 

Brush Used: Smudger Brush

STEP 5: BLEND BLEND BLEND!!! The key to create a good smokey eye is blending! With this look, blend Mocha up into the brown bone area to soften the top 'line'. Then blend Hades up into Mocha. With our Smudger Brush, blend the lower lash line down slightly, and soften the eyeliner line. You want the liner to be soft looking without being overwhelming. Smokey without looking like a raccoon, LOL!

STEP 6: Clean up any fall out, then finish off with your favorite mascara.


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